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Table 1: Programmes Offered

Department ProgramNo.of Seats
 Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering (AE1)15
 Applied Mechanics Computational and Experimental Mechanics (AM1Y)12
 Biomedical Engineering (AM2Y)8
 Clinical Engineering (CL1Y)19
 Biotechnology Bioprocess Engineering (BT1Y)12
 Civil Engineering Building Technology and Construction Management (CE1Y)10
 Environmental Engineering (CE2Y)10
 Geotechnical Engineering (CE3Y)10
 Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering (CE4Y)8
 Structural Engineering (CE5Y)14
 Transportation Engineering (CE6Y)8
 Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering (CH1Y)32
 Catalysis Technology (CA1Y)8
 Computer Science and Engineering Computer Science and Engineering (CS1Y)67
 Electrical Engineering Communication and Signal Processing (EE1Y)20
 Power Systems and Power Electronics (EE2Y)10
 Microelectronics and VLSI Design (EE3Y)11
 Electronic System Design and Instrumentation (EE4Y)8
 RF and Photonics (EE5Y)8
 Integrated Circuits and Systems (EE6Y)13
 Control and Optimization (EE7Y)8
 MathematicsIndustrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing (MA1Y)25
 Mechanical Engineering Thermal Engineering (ME1Y)44
 Mechanical Design (ME2Y)25
 Manufacturing Engineering (ME3Y)25
 Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (MM1Y)27
 Ocean Engineering Ocean Structures (OE1Y)18
 Ocean Technology (OE2Y)10
 Petroleum Engineering (PE1Y)14
 Physics Functional Materials and Nanotechnology (PH1Y)12