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M.Tech. 2013 Admission is Over  
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M.Tech. Programmes Offered for GATE Qualified Candidates

  • HTTA     -->  Half Time Teaching Assistantship
  • Each programme code consists of 4 characters :
    • the first 2 characters will identify the department
    • the third character will identify the Programme within that department
    • the last character will be 'Y' or 'N'.
          Y -> with HTTA;
          N -> without HTTA;
  • CA1Y, CL1Y, NE1Y and PE1Y are inter-disciplinary programmes.

Table 1: M.Tech. Programmes offered in various Departments / Streams

Sl. No. Programme Code M.Tech. Programme
Department and Stream
Available Seats
                       Aerospace Engineering
1AE1YAerospace Engineering [with HTTA]12
2AE1NAerospace Engineering [without HTTA]3
                       Applied Mechanics
3AM1YApplied Mechanics - Fluid Mechanics/Solid Mechanics [with HTTA]10
4AM1NApplied Mechanics - Fluid Mechanics/Solid Mechanics [without HTTA]2
5AM2YApplied Mechanics - Biomedical Engineering[with HTTA]6
6AM2NApplied Mechanics - Biomedical Engineering [without HTTA]1
                       Civil Engineering
7CE1YCivil Engineering - Building Technology and Construction Management [with HTTA]7
8CE1NCivil Engineering - Building Technology and Construction Management [without HTTA]1
9CE2YCivil Engineering - Environmental Engineering [with HTTA]6
10CE2NCivil Engineering - Environmental Engineering [without HTTA]1
11CE3YCivil Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering [with HTTA]7
12CE3NCivil Engineering - Geotechnical Engineering [without HTTA]1
13CE4YCivil Engineering - Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering [with HTTA]6
14CE4NCivil Engineering - Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering [without HTTA]1
15CE5YCivil Engineering - Structural Engineering [with HTTA]13
16CE5NCivil Engineering - Structural Engineering [without HTTA]3
17CE6YCivil Engineering - Transportation Engineerng [with HTTA]8
18CE6NCivil Engineering - Transportation Engineerng [without HTTA]1
                       Chemical Engineering
19CH1YChemical Engineering [with HTTA]27
20CH1NChemical Engineering [without HTTA]5
                       Computer Science and Engineering
21CS1YComputer Science and Engneering [with HTTA]54
                       Electrical Engineering
22EE1YElectrical Engineering - Communication Systems [with HTTA]17
23EE2YElectrical Engineering - Power Systems and Power Electronics [with HTTA]11
24EE3YElectrical Engineering - Micro Electronics and VLSI Design [with HTTA]14
25EE4YElectrical Engineering - Control and Instrumentation [with HTTA]11
26EE5YElectrical Engineering - Photonics [with HTTA]10
27MA1YIndustrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing [with HTTA]10
28MA1NIndustrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing [without HTTA]3
                       Mechanical Engineering
29ME1YMechanical Engineering - Thermal Engineering [with HTTA]36
30ME1NMechanical Engineering - Thermal Engineering [without HTTA]4
31ME2YMechanical Engineering - Design [with HTTA]20
32ME2NMechanical Engineering - Design [without HTTA]4
33ME3YMechanical Engineering - Manufacturing Engineering [with HTTA]18
34ME3NMechanical Engineering - Manufacturing Engineering [without HTTA]3
                       Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
35MM1YMetallurgical and Materials Engineering [with HTTA]20
36MM1NMetallurgical and Materials Engineering [without HTTA]4
                       Ocean Engineering
37OE1YOcean Engineering [with HTTA]14
38OE1NOcean Engineering [without HTTA]1
39OE2YOcean Technology [with NIOT Assistantship]10
40PH1YSolid State Technology [with HTTA]11
41PH1NSolid State Technology [without HTTA]1
                       Interdisciplinary Programmes
42CA1YCatalysis Technology [Co-ord.Dept: Chemical Engg.][with HTTA]6
43CL1YClinical Engineering [with HTTA]16
44NE1YNuclear Engineering [Co-ord. Dept: Metallurgical & Materials Engg.][with HTTA]12
45PE1YPetroleum Engineering [Co-ord.Dept: Ocean Engg.] [with HTTA]12

Note: The number of seats actually filled at the time of admission may vary slightly from those shown above due to operational reasons of admission process.

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