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M.Tech. in Ocean Engineering (OE1)

The M.Tech. programme in Ocean Engineering relates to all forms of engineering activity in the oceans and includes deep-ocean, offshore and coastal waters. It is an interdisciplinary field which provides background to the students in a wide variety of areas such as offshore hydrodynamics, structural and foundation engineering, design and analysis of marine vehicles and floating systems, coastal engineering, design and analysis of offshore structures, ocean energy, instrumentation, experimental methods, and ocean engineering materials. A large number of electives provide opportunity to specialize in one or more areas of ocean engineering and equip students with skills in design, experiments and numerical modeling. This program prepares students to take up careers in offshore engineering pertaining to oil and gas, marine transportation, ports, coastal engineering etc.

Programme Codes:

  • OE1Y -> M.Tech. in Ocean Engineering with HTTA
  • OE1N -> M.Tech. in Ocean Engineering without HTTA
  For GATE Qualified candidates, the candidate should have taken any paper other than 'XL' in GATE Examination.

M.Tech. in Ocean Technology (OE2)

M.Tech in Ocean Technology is a full-time four semester program sponsored by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), Ministry of Earth Sciences, to meet the needs of trained manpower in various ocean technology related projects in India.

Students opting for this program should have background either in engineering or in science and they should be interested in a career in technology, engineering systems which include marine transport, environment, ocean mining, underwater systems, ports and harbours, maritime security and marine scientific research. Ocean Engineering activities require a multi-disciplinary approach involving technical aspects of complex marine systems in coastal as well as deep ocean waters. The curriculum is specially tailored to encompass these aspects. Another important component of this program is shipboard training designed to give the students a feel for the sea and an opportunity to conduct scientific research in sea.

Eligibility: Candidates should have first class or 60% (55% in case of SC/ST) in Bachelor's degree in any branch of Engineering or Technology or Master's degree in Oceanography, Marine Sciences, Ocean Science and Technology, Applied Mathematics, Applied Geology, Geophysics, and Physics or any other equivalent degree approved by the Advisory Committee with minimum 2 years experience in NIOT or in an organization approved by NIOT. Fresh candidates with GATE score may also apply for a few seats approved by NIOT.

Programme Codes:

  • OE2Y -> M.Tech. in Ocean Technology with NIOT Assistantship
  For GATE Qualified candidates, the candidate should have taken any paper other than 'XL' in GATE Examination.

For further information visit web-site: www.oec.iitm.ac.in


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